Saturday, March 6, 2010

Each time we travel to the orphanage, we conduct a crusade in an outlying village.
the Osanidde children love to go with us, sing gospel songs, share their testimony, and visit with the people of the village following the crusade.

One precious lady (Deb Guzauskis), in our Dayspring Christian Center congregation, expended a great amount of energy, seeing to it that we had a baseball cap for every child (as well as adult) in the orphanage.
More than 700 baseball caps were donated, so we'll be able to take some with us each time we go for the next several trips.

We've recently returned from the Orphanage after distributing 200 desperately needed blankets along with brand new sandals for every child...many of which were completely barefoot and exposed to worms that work their way through their feet, up into the stomach resulting in extreme complications.

Monday, August 17, 2009

There are 160 orphans at Osanidde...they rise every morning between 4:30 and 6:00, 365 days a year to worship and pray.
The adults at Osanidde are not a part of this special time the children have...NOR do the adults roust them out of bed! They all get up on their own to pray for requests that have been given to them. They actually have some of your very names that they take before our Father every morning.

Once in a while, someone sends extra support funds and the directors send the boys to the lake to buy fish for the entire orphanage.
Do the smiles on the faces of these boys say anything at all?

Sometimes the beans and even rice have to be separated from the sand and rocks and bugs.

The children at Osanidde have very few toys.
This child has actually made a toy out of an old iron.
They know food and clothing come before toys of any kind.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One story of a young lady whose life has been saved because people care about the orphans on the islands of lake Victoria, Uganda, East Africa.
The following is how Michael, the Director of the orphanage tells the story in his own words, in his own way.

Dear Pastor Frank, this week we had a wonderful ministry at pastor Joseph church with our osanidde kids,

here are some pictures of this ministry.
i know you will notice there is justine.
yess, thats justine she stood up to testify about her life,

This was my first time to see her stand to testify,

all my life i had never seen her stand up in public to say anything not even at osanidde.

you know she's a shy girl i too was amazed!!

i had asked the kids while we were praying just before we left for the ministry,

who was willing to give a testimony in church?

off couse i knew the talkey talkey kids as usual would come up,

guess who this time, it was justine putting up her hand,

definately i thought she didnt hear the question well-i was wrong!!

she had a story to tell that no one of us knew.
Her mamma gave birth to her and run mad threw her on a gabbage pit and ran away

when she was just a few days old,

she was picked by a village lady who raised her up and when she was old enuf the lady who raised her up told her she found her as a baby crying in the garbage pit of the village

thats where she picked her from,

she said she is soo thank ful to God for bringing her to osanidde,

where we are all one familly and we all belong to Jesus.Haleluhahhhh
Jesus is beginning to do something new in her life, the wounds are getting healed little by little,

soon we shall be seeing new smiles on her face.
i realised too that a child could easly be hurt,

it takes a long time to heal a wound whose origin dates back to child hood.
the difference is real!!
we really reeeeeeaaaaly thank God for sacrificual love and support dayspring christian center has given to the kids of Osanidde. These kids as long as they live will never be the same again.
our prayers are with you,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Every eight months, when we travel to osanidde, we take as much clothing for the children in our 'checked baggage' as possible and as much money as we can, to purchase food for them.

Here, our boat arrives laden with food and clothing while the orphans anxiously await our arrival.

Immediately upon docking, the clothing is distributed as quickly and fairly as possible.

Many of the girls have donned their new dresses and proudly pose for a photo.

Likewise...four boys decked out in new shirts pose for the camera.

They are thankful for anything they are given.

Funds from pastor Frank's ebay book sales help to purchase food and clothing for the children.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When we go to Osanidde, we love loving...and...we love being loved by the orphans!
We don't really think of them as orphans...we think of them as our children!
You would have to be there to hug and be hugged
to realize just how precious and special they really are!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Praise God!
Who gives both Living Water...and...water for living!
For months the the children and their caretakers at Osanidde survived on polluted water from Lake Victoria, boiling it for every use.
In January funds were provided from ebay book sales, to dig a well and install a fresh-water pump.
Obviously the children love to play in the water;
but more importantly they now have the benefit of some fresh water they need for everyday use.
One very urgent goal is to provide Osanidde with one more well and pump...which will cost approximately $2,000 in American currency.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The storehouse as it appeared after the boat was unloaded

These two photos show more than three tons of food provisions and supplies after all was stacked inside the storehouse.
Enough dry goods and staples to last approximately two to three months.

God is still Jehovah Jirah

We had with us, $3,500.00 donated by West Valley Foursquare Church in Yakima, Wa
as well as $1.000.00 that was proceeds from the first three months of Frank's ebay book sales.
The very first thing we did, was to send a boat to Kampala for food and supplies.
As you can see...the boat was so loaded down, it could not even get to shore.
The porters carried 120 pound bags of beans, rice, flour, and various other foodstuffs and supplies through the water and approximately one quarter mile uphill to the storehouse.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An empty storehouse, January 29, 2009

When we arrived at Osanidde on January 29th, the storehouse where food and provisions were kept was nearly empty. Barely one day's supply of food.
The directors had no idea where food for the next day would come from.
They live by faith.